Detoxification: Dr. Robert’s 40-Day Cleansing Program

A cleansing and detoxification protocol to lighten the load and de-stress the functional physiological systems and metabolic pathways of the body.  This program empowers you to increase your vitality, recover lost health, and potentially add years to your life.

There is a missing ingredient in all of the nutritional approaches and metabolic enhancements

around for our health today.  No matter what we do to supply the next magic elixir, or

“Eureka! This must be what I need” supplement, powder, or superfood that comes

marketing upon our doorstep (inbox), this single inescapable factor is

too often overlooked: DETOXIFICATION!

In the ‘old days’ we fasted on water and juice, did poultices, immersed ourselves in freezing water, and inserted substances in any orifice to induce and extract elimination responses.  Today the technology is fantastic. No muss, no fuss!  I have constructed a program with an easy to follow protocol for 40 days, and is supported with a very grounded rationale for the entire constellation of parts to it.

Removing the stress to any system is the first order of business in healing.  Today we are inescapably exposed to alarming amounts of toxic elements.  these toxins accumulate from countless sources: food additives, prescription medication, high calorie low nutrient value foods, pollution, alcohol, recreational drugs, sleep deprivation, stimulants, depressants, lack of exercise, etc., etc.

Environmental exposure is more serious than we think.  An 8-year old boy acquired  lead poisoning from drinking excessive carrot juice daily.  Carrots concentrate lead from the atmosphere.  Drilling 400-foot deep ice-cores in the arctic revealed to researchers millions of times greater exposure in the atmosphere to lead today than before the industrial revolution and iron age.

Dr. Robert’s 40-Day Cleanse is assembled with the latest nutrtional technology and products that are of the highest quality and purity from reputable companies that primarily supply professionals. The program utilizes several mediums and approaches, involving herbs, homeopathy, nutritional formulas, bowel cleansing and diet.  It is done with the full understanding of the concerns one has with work, family, lifestyle, etc. that might appear prohibitive to undertake a 40-Day program.  Rest assured that what is suggested within this program is applicable to almost any situation, is easy to implement, and is utterly awesome in the depth and level of cleansing and release for how little discomfort is involved.

Of course, as with all elimination programs, there may be some reactions and discomfort and toxicity as toxins and accumulated debris begin to release from the body.  This is well explained in the program along with helpful hints for getting through these episodes should they occur.  Other optional supportive procedures one can do during the cleanse (or after) are recommended and included in the manual that comes with each program.


Many of the detoxification programs and products on the market today are limited in scope. While helpful and beneficial, they only address one or two systems of the body, yet we are far more complex than this.  Plus, our exposures and toxic burdens today are far more sophisticated than the rationale of detoxification upon which many of these programs are based.  What this means is that 50 years ago we thought that a fast and all alkaline diet would restore us to optimum function.  That is not true today due to the burden of environmental toxins, heavy metals, chemical additives, etc. that are not only integrated into our tissues, glands, and organs, but the impairment and alterations of biochemical pathways are not repaired or restored by antiquated detox methods and protocols. While we will feel better, lighter, and  more alive, there is no evidence that these essential pathways will rebuild and restore themselves without more ‘input.’

For example, Dr. Robert’s 40-Day Cleanse is designed to rebuild the endogenous pathways our liver uses for detoxification. The liver is the main organ for detoxifying everything that comes into or is produced within our bodies. It does this using two different pathways or processes: one is and oxidation process, requiring enormous amounts of anti-oxidants, the other is an conjugation process, requiring glutathione and other molecules that “join” to the toxin or noxious molecule and thereby render it neutral or harmless and excrete it safely from our bodies. This 40-Day Cleanse is built on formulas that rebuild these pathways – permanently!  While other juice and herbal programs help the liver by ‘rinsing’ and stimulating bile production and reduce congestion, they do not rebuild these essential pathways. This has been laboratory tested and is verifiable with simple challenge tests that measure the function of these (Type I and II) pathways of the liver. Slick marketing and attractive packaging do not substitute for results…


The backbone of the program is a powder to drink with juice while eating a simple and clean diet of grain, vegetables, fruit, and protein.  All nutrient needs are supplied in this . All other nutritional supplements are ‘suspended’ during the 40-Days; prescription medications must be monitored for increased response to dosage.

A daily drink of an intestinal cleanser (like a broom) is implemented, and four separate homeopathic formulas for detoxification and drainage of cellular and lymphatic bound chemicals, metals, and viruses completes the release on the tissue level.  A follow-up cellular repair and regeneration product is included to continue with for a few moths after the forty days.

The general push of Dr. Robert’s 40-Day Cleanse is to drain and clear the residual pesticides, environmental toxins, viral residues and endogenous wastes of the body, while cleaning the bowels, rebuilding the intestinal lining, and deeply cleaning and repairing/rebuilding the natural detoxification pathways of the liver.


Contact Dr. Robert through email or telephone and let us know your interest in pursuing this wonderful cleansing experience.  It really is easier to do than one thinks.  The length of time is merely to allow the process to work and cleanse and rebuild with adequate time for the body.  It is very supportive to your other activities of daily living, so we do not have to take off from work (work actually becomes more efficient and creative as we have more and more energy available to us), or change much of anything. Look at your calendar or schedule and plan accordingly.  You will want the first three to five days to be free enough to get into the groove and mode of the program.

Upon receipt of  a check or payment (visa and MC accepted) arranged through Stillpoint Health Center,  Dr. Robert’s 40-Day Cleanse kit will be shipped to you. Included are all the products for the 40-days, a comprehensive manual with clear instructions and diet information, plus many educational jewels and extras, and a ‘tongue scraper.’

The cost of the program is $350.00.  That is only $8.75 / day!

With the simplified and clean diet on the program, you will actually save money. Consider it like paying yourself through a reduction of your “lifestyle expenses” to be able to live longer, cleaner, happier, and more pure!


When you clean house and get rid of all that old junk you’ve accumulated and interesting thing happens – you create space for new things to come into your life.  In the case of Dr. Robert’s program, my experience was that incredible fresh new energy came into this “old house” and even cleaned the windows!


I did finish the program and was very pleased with the cleansing internally.  My only disappointment was that I did not lose weight like I thought I would and wanted to; I lost only 8 lbs. and could stand to lose 30 menopausal pounds!!!  However, I do stunt work at Universal Studios in the Wild West Show and this adds a lot of muscle mass to my body right now.  I feel and look like a truck driver!!!

Anyway, I really did like the program, products, and your extensive layout of the whole process.  I was greatly impressed with your detailed work.  It was easy to follow and all the products tasted good.  I’m still feeling very clean and digesting and eliminating well.  Thanks again for all your work and expertise.

L.L. 5/4/00

Thank you for all your help during the cleanse.  It really helped me curtail habits that didn’t serve me and allowed me to clean up my act.  Now I eat with more awareness and find that food tastes better than it ever did.  I would like to do this again next year so I can stay in charge of my good health.  With much gratitude and appreciation.


I just have to say that I already feel tremendous and I have been on it for 5 days.  I thought I would have way more problems without caffeine and ginseng and I am finding I feel better after my workouts – less wired and more “smooth.”  I am so happy to be doing this because I am realizing just how much stuff I do not need!! I am not even hungry like I thought I would be and not really tempted, and, my sleep is different – my dreams are way vivid and I had a big lucid dream last nite!!  It has only been 5 days so who knows how I am going to be in 40 – cannot wait to see.  Thanks again for this opportunity, I have had such battles with food and my body since I was little and I hope this is going to give it what it needs and wants. So far so good.

Love, K


Hi Dr. Robert,

I am interested in the cleanse very much, but I have some questions.  First of all, I have never done any kind of regimented internal food / supplement / herbal – related cleanse ever.  Do you have any advice for someone like myself?  With the exception of an herbal regimen I have followed recently, and one misguided attempt to cleanse using a friend’s herbal pills (which resulted in extreme abdominal / bowel pain and discomfort!) I haven’t done this before.

I want to know if there is any information that would be helpful in terms of knowing possible side effects etc., and what I could prepare for… I understand my body would be telling me more than anyone else what I needed, but I just don’t want to be in extreme discomfort while I am on the job if I can help it.

I am also concerned with the levels of toxicity in my immediate environment (Bay area – Oakland) and in my body ( I have had a tendency toward eating imbalances and excessive fat intake, salt, sugar, caffeine, etc. which I work at moderating with self-love).  Last year for Lent I gave up dairy and most sugars which had an amazing effect on my energy levels and sense of lightness, so I can imagine this has many more deep rewards as well.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Dear A:

This cleanse should not be thought of as such a strict regimen.  Even though it is a specific protocol for detoxification, the understanding of what you are doing and why, that I will provide, should support you in it 100%.  There will be full instructions and rationale for all the parts that will not only guide you, but teach as well the way the body works with these kinds of procedures.

I regret that you had an unfortunate experience with an herbal cleanse previously.  I have heard this often and there is probably a reason.  Slick advertising and packaging, or ‘simple’ ideas around detox programs, do not substitute for results.  Generally, taking a pill or a single remedy only goes so far.  One needs a more comprehensive approach for more comprehensive results.

You will be able to work while on this.  It is designed for that.  There may however, be some days that are more difficult as your body dumps stores of toxins and debris.  As it passes through your bloodstream on its way out, you may experience some symptoms. This is all explained very clearly in the manual.  We should also, in all cases, remember that the absence of symptoms does not equate to health! Conversely, on the path towards better health, we may experience uncomfortable symptoms, but in this case it indicates a good thing. “Better out than in” we often say.


Dr. Robert