Chiropractic Healing Services

3 levels of care are generally available in any chiropractic office. Most commonly, we chiropractors serve our communities in dealing with symptom relief. The absence of pain or symptoms generally keeps one out of the doctor’s office. When there is a real need for crisis care and strong intervention, ‘crisis oriented’ measures are needed to reverse the episode. Wellness Care ideally addressees the causative factors of lowered health or dysfunction, yet also ‘upholds’ the health of the individual as a process for preventative as well as optimal Health Care.

The essential basis of chiropractic care is diminishing the effects of the vertebral subluxation. The subluxation is the loss of function of one of the segments of the spine in relation to its neighbors, placing a stress, irritation, or impingement on the nerves passing through that particular segment. Imagine beads on a string where one or more beads are out of alignment. The necklace will not hang smoothly or properly – losing its ‘function.’ In our spine this translates as an interrupted flow of nerve function and circulation to the organs, glands, muscles and tissues associated with the compromised vessels. Interrupted function means lowered health and ultimately, disease.

At Stillpoint Health Center we embrace a comprehensive approach as well as treating symptomatic issues. To attain Wellness one must find the underlying causes and stresses that support the compromised health patterns, and reduce and correct them as much as possible. This commonly requires additional resources to assist the body to be able to ‘self-heal.’

We help the organism recover its ability to recover from stress and strain – at any level – naturally.

What is unique at Stillpoint is the way in which we do this. It is from nearly 3 decades of experience that we arrive at the understanding that there is a sequence or hierarchy of what to do when; priority. In this way we pay attention to the structure, metabolism, and energetic systems at the appropriate time. We have methods to measure these things and build health upon solid foundations.

Structurally we examine the ascending factors of stress coming from the feet, low back, and pelvis. We examine the descending factors of stress coming from the cranium, tempero-mandibular joint (TMJ – jaw), dental occlusion, and the upper neck.

Metabolically we evaluate the health of the cell membranes in their ability to transport efficient proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and other factors, thereby controlling the metabolism inside the cell. Specially analyzed blood tests as well as salivary hormone testing and other comprehensive lab tests are individually ordered for establishing a ‘factual’ metabolic profile. Dietary recommendations and nutritive metabolic support as well as therapeutic support, are applied as needed.

Energetic systems including the Meridian system, channels of vital forces, and the semi-conductive activity of the body are addressed once the structural and metabolic issues are corrected.

At Stillpoint Health Center we fit the appropriate model(s) of care to you, not fit you into our model. Whatever is done, we do it based on a sound principle with a design for your Best Health in mind.